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Following the campaign #govietnam2021 in April 2020 with the hope for the future of Vietnam tourism after COVID-19. Ask Vietnamese, again, is raising the message that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. A map called “Corona Map” is created following this message in order to support every people living in Vietnam going through the second wave of the strike of Coronavirus since July 2020.

It’s no doubt that Vietnam will control the spread of Coronavirus “again”, thanks to the consent of the community to comply with the Coronavirus prevention measure and the sacrifice and dedication of Vietnamese doctors. In addition, many Vietnamese have taken actions to encourage the efforts of the community such as giving free meals, free masks, Rice ATM and Mask ATM….You might wonder what you can do to join a hand, let help Ask Vietnamese build the Corona Map.

What is the Corona Map?

Corona Map is an online map available at which provides useful information about locations (in Ho Chi Minh City) relating to the Covid-19 topics. These locations are grouped into filters or categories including Where to buy masks, Which hotels to stay in during your quarantine periods, Which hospitals to do Health Declaration,…Ask Vietnamese hope that the Corona Map can support ex-pats easily find help whenever there is an issue relating to the Covid-19 situation in Vietnam.

How do I contribute to the map?

Ask Vietnamese know that there are numerous concerns or issues you are facing during the “Covid-19 year”. If you find a Corona Map can help deal with your current problems, share with us what we can add into the Corona Map? 

Try the Map and Comment directly to this post or send us your opinions via Google Form:

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